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              A few sunrise shoots with Manea and Heremana. Watch Manea exercise her traditonal Tahitian dancing as Chief Heremana spins the Nifo Oti (Samoan War Blade) while on Fire. Photographer Andrew Millar does an excellent job at catching the "Mana" (Power and Prestige) of both dancers. Click the picture to view the video. Photographer Matthew Carby also capturing the "Mana" of 2 of our many dancers.


              A more modern style fire dance performed during New Years Eve 2018. Chief Heremana shows the adaptation skills of making any style or theme of fire dance happen.  Filmed by Cory Theoreo of "Cory Films." Music by "Seba." No copyright infringement intended, not for promotional or profitable use.

Mareva Tahiti Polynesian Dancers

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