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Our perfomances


Family/birthday parties.

Our Tamari'i (Children) teach Tahitian, Hula and Poi to children and adults of all ages.


Beach parties

Right on the Beach, performances with lots of audience participation and friendly mingling. Watch our dancers take the audience by storm while teaching them basics in traditional Ori Tahiti. (Tahitian dance)


Luau Events.

For Island style occasions. To the left our Wahine teaches a group of Keiki (Children) the basic steps of the "Hula Auana." (Modern Hula) To the right our Vahine Teaches "Ori Tahiti" (Tahitian dance) during  a country club Luau gathering where we dress up audience members.

Mareva Tahiti Polynesia--66_edited.jpg

Audience participation

Don't be shy as we grab you by the hand and guide you and your guests through  Tahitian dance moves. Competing against one another for the grand prize. We also teach the modern Hula to bring home all the way from Hawaii.



Mareva Tahiti Polynesian Dancers

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